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Don Muir

Co-Founder & CEO

The way we bank has changed dramatically over the last decade. In my lifetime, we’ve gone from writing physical checks and depositing cash at our local bank to sending P2P payments, investing online, and minting NFTs. 

The B2B landscape has been much slower to evolve. Business banking continues to be dominated by enormous offline corporations. However in recent years, businesses and high-grow tech startups have increasingly demanded an online, flexible, consumer-grade enterprise experience across the B2B stack. Finance is no exception. Founders and business owners expect their financial services to work just as well as the consumer apps they use in everyday life. This has created an opportunity for Arc to serve tech startups in a way that traditional offline banks never could before. 

Today we are announcing the launch of Arc Treasury—a completely reimagined cash management experience for the new era of software startups. Built in partnership with Stripe, Arc Treasury combines all of the flexibility of an API-driven solution with the native functionality of a consumer app, delivering all the deposit-account essentials startups need without the drawbacks of legacy financial institutions. 

With Arc Treasury, startups receive access to a personalized cash management account that’s built for scale, speed, and them—without the restrictions, fees or minimum balances inherent in a traditional banking institution. More importantly, for the first time, Arc customers can instantly access and deploy $300M+ in funding through capital markets.

As we all know, time is the scarcest resource for startups. In an ecosystem where speed is a competitive advantage, Arc delivers on all fronts. With the launch of Arc Treasury, startups can now instantly borrow, save, and spend all in one comprehensive digitally-native platform. This innovation underscores Arc’s commitment to solve the unique challenges of high-growth software startups—helping them grow and better compete in today’s constantly evolving environment. 

Traditional banking for startups continues to be offline and relationship-driven. It matters more which VC has invested in you than how your business has performed. Arc is different. We make unbiased, fundamentally-driven qualification decisions. Startups are qualified algorithmically based on operating metrics and rewarded for performance through better rates. As a result, we’re leveling the playing field for the thousands of software founders across the globe who don’t reside in Silicon Valley. Banking will look fundamentally different 10 years from now than it has the past 100 years. The future of startup finance is digital, and Arc is driving this change. 

Arc is better than your business bank. We are a digitally-native, full-stack finance solution that allows startups to instantly access and deploy $300M+ in funding. What used to take months now takes minutes. Arc is serving tech startups in a way that traditional offline banks never could and they’re starting to take notice. 

If you’re curious and passionate about helping startups grow, join Arc on our journey to reinvent startup financing through technology. View our open positions and apply at

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