Treasury Account

Easily diversify, protect, and grow your cash

Investments made through BNY Mellon Pershing³ minimize your exposure to any individual financial institution and maximize yield.

Treasury Dashboard

Make every dollar count with market leading yield up to 5.34% APY²

Maximize yield by signing up for an Arc Platinum membership and investing in MMFs and Treasury Bills that earn up to 5.34% APY².

Cash sweeps and T-Bills to protect 100% of your deposits

By parking funds in the cash sweep you’ll receive up to $5M in FDIC coverage¹ and 2% APY. By purchasing T-Bills backed by the US Government, you’ll receive $500k in SIPC insurance.

Smart rules to maximize your earnings

Set up auto-balancing rules to automatically move funds between your Operating and Treasury account to ensure you’re making the most of uninvested cash.