Arc and AV have partnered to bring you these perks.

As an AV Port-Co, Arc provides unique AV-only deals to startups who choose to manage cash with Arc. With Arc, you can store deposits, schedule and manage payments, diversify cash across asset classes, and access non-dilutive financing—all in one place.

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Access These AV-Only Perks

Arc is here to help you grow! We’ve built one place for you to access, save, spend and manage cash, while leveraging proprietary insights to grow efficiently!

Key Arc Offerings

Comprehensive cash and treasury management 

  • Same-Day or Next-Day Liquidity
  • $2.75M FDIC Coverage, $500k SIPC Coverage
  • Pays up to 5.37% APY*



  • Working Capital <$25M in 48hrs, up to 18mo payback
  • Venture Debt: <$50M in 48hrs, up to 24mo payback

* Client sets allocations across across FDIC accounts, SIPC insured MMFs, and Treasury Bills at onboarding to maximize yield while retaining relevant liquidity for their business

Alumni Ventures-Only Perks

  • No Minimums: to access Treasury Management
  • Discounts: 25%-off Arc funding + key software discounts
  • Reduced Requirements: $125k ARR minimum to qualify for financing
  • Welcome Bonus: Arc’teryx jacket w/ $100k deposit or $2500 w/ $500k deposit
  • Introductions: Two-way opt-in intros to top VC intros

Note: Mention "Alumni Ventures” under “How did you hear about Arc?” to take advantage of the perks listed above.

Say hello to a better cash management experience

Safely manage payments, store deposits, access financing, and earn yield all in one place.

With Arc Treasury, you receive:

  • Market-leading yield (up to 5.37% APY)
  • Unlimited virtual or physical debit cards
  • Fee-free ACH & Wire transfers

Non-dilutive startup funding to fuel your growth

Leverage funding from Arc to fuel your growth and make strategic investments. Get up to $10M within 48hrs by simply syncing your bank accounts and accounting system (Quickbooks, Xero, Zoho Books…etc).

With Arc, you can:

  • Maintain control because there are no restrictive covenants
  • Avoid dilution, because there are no warrants
  • Extend your runway with flexible payback terms