Startup’s Secret Weapon: Treasury Management & T-Bill Ladders

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What’s covered in the ebook:

  • Startup treasury management basics
  • Treasury management throughout the lifecycle
  • Tips on cash flow management
  • The role of fixed-income securities
  • How to structure T-Bill ladders to balance returns & liquidity
  • Hedging T-Bill ladder principal risk with credit default swaps

The Synopsis

Founders want to ensure they have the proper mix of highly liquid accounts to satisfy short-term working capital needs and less-liquid, higher-return accounts to maximize their idle cash. In this guide, we break down the basics of treasury management,  including the proper mix of liquid and high-return accounts, and provide tips for setting up an effective treasury management program with limited resources. We'll also explore how treasury management programs evolve throughout the lifecycle of a startup.

Ready to create a strong financial foundation for your startup and drive long-term success? Dive in and discover how proper treasury management can be your startup's secret weapon!