Introducing: Yield Accounts and Market-Leading Rates

Don Muir

Co-Founder & CEO

Putting customers first should be the mission of every business. Sadly it’s not. Historically, traditional banks have put their own interests ahead of those of their depositors. Whether it’s prioritizing profits over people (Wells Fargo), cutting corners on data protection (Capital One) or evading regulators (JP Morgan), traditional banks have repeatedly fallen short. We are here to change that.

Today we are unveiling Arc Yield (Now Reserve) to the world, a new feature available to all Arc Treasury customers.

Built on the Arc Treasury platform, customers now can earn secure, market-leading returns on their idle cash, while continuing to benefit from the same cash management essentials they have come to expect from Arc: instant deposits, free money movement, unlimited cards, and customizable spend controls. Reserve customers can also tap into non-dilutive funding, Arc’s investor and partner network, and one-on-one virtual advisory services such as fundraising prep or GTM and product strategy.

Reserve comes standard with 4.00% APY, same-day liquidity, and dedicated white-glove service. Returns are tracked in an intuitive dashboard, and preferred allocations between primary and yield accounts are easily adjusted. Most importantly,  Arc Treasury funds that are transferred into Reserve settle instantly.

These funds aren’t swept into an external Money Market Account, as is typically the case for most yield-bearing savings accounts. Instead, funds remain FDIC insurance eligible, and start generating yield immediately. Deposits are fully liquid—e.g. no 7-day written notice to withdraw, transfer or access funds.

On a balance of $5M, Reserve customers generate over $200,000 with Arc, compared to less than $2,000 in a savings account at a traditional bank. The difference is enough to make a strategic hire, invest in a new growth initiative, and meaningfully extend their runway.

“Arc has always been a partner that we can rely on,” said Taylor, CEO & Founder of Swantide. “Reserve enables us to earn a more meaningful return on our idle cash while alleviating the stresses of day-to-day market volatility. The difference between what we were earning in a traditional bank and Arc’s bank account has been enough to hire an additional engineer and extend our runway.”

As for aligning our interests with those of the startups we serve?


  • Eliminated balance tiers and balance caps tied to APY, so you’ll earn the full 4.00% APY on your Reserve account balance regardless of the amount.
  • Eliminated the need for sweeps to earn yield, so your funds remain FDIC insurance eligible and can be accessed at a moment's notice.
  • Eliminated management and maintenance fees.

Arc is improving access to market-leading rates for startups both big and small. We have a backlog of hundreds of millions of deposits waiting to come online, and we’re just getting started.

Learn more and request a Reserve account.

Happy building,
-Arc Co-Founders

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