Arc Launches Partner Marketplace: $100k in SaaS Savings


Nick Lombardo

Co-Founder & President

Managing cash burn and extending runway continue to be a key focus for startups in this tough macroeconomic environment. Today, in an effort to help businesses continue to focus on sustainable growth, we are releasing our partner marketplace to the wider startup community.

The partner marketplace builds on the foundation set by our Default Alive Coalition we launched last summer. The marketplace offers exclusive discounts and promotions with top tier partners such as Rippling, Slack, and Gusto, and is tailored to help startups cut expenses, bolster revenue, and improve their operational efficiency.

We believe that founders should continue to access premium products as they grow even as they curb their expenses. By offering discounts on essential business software, we hope to make these transformative tools more accessible to startups both big and small.

Some of Arc’s partner discounts and exclusive promotions include: 

  • Slack (productivity and collaboration) – 25% off eligible upgrades to Slack Pro and Business+
  • Rippling (people operations and admin) – 3 months of free access to the platform
  • Vouch (business operations, admin & legal) — 5% discount on annual policy premium
  • Aloware (marketing & sales enablement) — 1 week free trial of the all access platform

The headline list of available discounts can be founder in Arc’s partner marketplace – more in-depth information for each offer (including claim details) can be found directly within the Arc platform for Arc’s customers.

We believe in helping startups grow. I’m excited to launch Arc’s partner marketplace to further that mission for our customers.

Happy Building,

Nick Lombardo
Co-Founder & President

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