Introducing Arc Platinum - The Premium Cash Management Experience For Startups

Don Muir

Co-Founder & CEO

Business banking, like other financial services, has historically been a commoditized financial product. Participants offered the same underlying products and services, competing primarily on price and brand rather than real innovation. The result: a hodgepodge of opaque and confusing cash management products that are hard to tell apart from one another.

Unfortunately for customers (specifically, funded startups), all of that complexity has made selecting the right bank harder than it needs to be. At the end of the day, founders and finance teams just want to know that their money is safe, liquid, and earning a competitive yield. With Arc Platinum, founders no longer need to choose between safety, liquidity, and returns — they can have it all.

Arc Platinum is the first premium cash management experience for startups. It's the only experience that’s truly differentiated from anything else in the market – from traditional banks to fintechs.

So, what makes Arc Platinum so different? It’s the only business banking offering that features:

  • Yield-bearing accounts built on diverse financial partners³
  • Treasury management with zero Arc fees to maximize yield (up to 5.5% net APY on T-Bills as of 9/20/23)²
  • Dedicated support complete with onboarding assistance and data-driven financial insights
  • Exclusive health & wellness benefits with monthly reimbursements (e.g., Equinox)
  • Discounted access to venture debt, revenue financing, and working capital lines
  • Early access to Arc’s intelligence tools designed to automate your banking experience

Unlike competing banks or fintechs, Arc Platinum isn’t priced based on a company’s assets, but rather with a flat and transparent monthly fee. Starting at just $249 per month, Arc Platinum provides on average $50,000 per year in incremental savings for the average Series A startup compared to their traditional banking stack. Startups receive complimentary access to Arc Platinum for three months when they sign up before September 30, 2023, and receive 50% off the monthly membership thereafter when they use their Arc account to fund their company’s payroll expenses.

To learn more and request an invite, visit Arc Platinum.

Don, Nick & Raven

P.S. We know you probably have questions! We’ve taken a stab at answering them below, and if there’s anything we missed, please don’t hesitate to reach out:


Why did we launch Arc Platinum?
We think banking should be simple and transparent - a far cry from what banking actually looks like today. Arc Platinum is our answer to that problem: powerful yet elegant tools to help startups manage their cash, all wrapped in simple pricing that rewards companies as they grow.

What are the requirements to qualify for Arc Platinum?
Arc Platinum is a membership program that is currently only available by invitation. There are no requirements to qualify for Arc Platinum. Companies of all sizes can request and be considered for an upgrade to Arc Platinum via the Arc website or within the app.

What does Arc Platinum cost?
Arc Platinum memberships start at $249/mo. Startups receive 50% off when they use their Arc account to fund their company’s payroll.

How does the free trial work?
Startups who sign up before Sep 30, 2023 receive Arc Platinum free for three months and can cancel at any time during that window.

What does $0 Arc treasury fees mean?
Most banks charge management or advisory fees for balances stored in their treasury account. These fees can reach upwards of 1% annually. We waive Arc’s fees each month for Arc Platinum members so companies can maximize their net yield earnings.

When do I receive the health & wellness benefits?
Startups that successfully onboard to Arc Platinum and use the Arc Platinum card to pay for health & wellness-related expenses will be automatically reimbursed up to their plan limit each month. Arc reimburses any health & wellness-related spend, including Equinox, Barry’s Bootcamp, and Peloton memberships and other comparable vendors.

How do I sign up for Arc Platinum?
If you’d like to upgrade, apply to be considered to join Arc Platinum.

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