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Don Muir

Co-Founder & CEO

Arc was founded over two years ago with a simple mission—to help startups grow. All our efforts since then have been in pursuit of this mission.

We first launched with one product: capital. After deploying tens of millions of dollars in revenue financing, we learned that founders needed more. They were frustrated with the lack of support, transparency, and product innovation available through their traditional, offline banks. We knew that we could serve them better, so we built it. Today, we have two product pillars—cash management and capital—that work synergistically within our platform to help startups raise and manage the cash they need to grow.

While building cash management, we could never have anticipated how tumultuous the startup funding and operating environment would become over the next two years. Record inflation, rising interest rates, plummeting venture funding, and recent tech bank closures have shaken our community to its core.

During this stretch, we realized that founders and finance teams didn’t want to choose between security or returns, so we deliberately took a different approach. We partnered with multiple leading banks on the backend while presenting a cohesive front-end experience where founders could easily diversify their deposits while also maximizing their yield. Now founders can tap into yield-bearing insured bank sweeps to unlock $5M+ super-FDIC insurance¹, while also investing in Treasury Bills backed by the U.S. government that earn 5.00%+ APY². It’s no longer FDIC coverage or APY, it’s FDIC and APY.

This morning, we launched on Product Hunt. This launch is the culmination of everything we have built over the past two years for our customers. I am proud of the team for their dedication to our mission and incredibly grateful for the customers who have trusted and supported us along the way. As I reflect on this period of the Arc’s growth, there are a few areas that stand out that have made a difference for our customers. I’ve outlined them here. As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything that we can do to help you, please reach out:

Bank deposit protection
Traditional banks offer just $250K of FDIC coverage, while Arc offers over 20x that within the platform: $5.25M¹. We achieve this through an insured bank deposit sweep program through our partner bank BNY Mellon, where deposits are automatically swept across a network of FDIC-insured banks, including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank. This sweep is also yield-bearing, paying over 2% APY. Arc’s Treasury offering through BNY Mellon, which has trillions in assets under management, also enables customers to invest in U.S. government-backed Treasury Bills and Money Market Funds that earn 5%+ APY².

Yield starting from the first dollar deposited 
Most banks keep the lion’s share of the economics to themselves through minimums and other restrictions. At Arc, we have no minimums to earn yield on our platform, and multiple ways to earn market-leading APYs. Startups earn 4% APY in our Reserve account, with no fees and instant transfers back to Primary account and access to your funds, and 5%+ APY² in our Treasury account through investing in Treasury Bills and Money Market Funds.

Treasury management on autopilot
Diversifying deposits across asset classes and account types has become the industry standard, especially as a startup reaches scale. Thanks to advancements in our platform, Arc can help startups put their treasury management strategy on autopilot by letting them easily rebalance their funds across FDIC & SIPC-insured accounts based on yield, liquidity, and risk preferences.

Dedicated live support 
Every startup that works with Arc receives a named relationship manager they can connect with at a moment's notice (via phone, email, Slack). In addition, Arc has dedicated support available 24/7 to help startups outside of traditional business hours.

Customized capital options
Capital is the lifeblood of cash-burning startups, and we help founders unlock the right growth capital for their unique situation. With revenue financing, startups can access tens of millions of dollars with up to an 18-month payback. Over the next twelve months, we plan to offer even more forms of financing to address the unique needs of the software startups we serve.

Looking ahead
At Arc, we’re building more than just a cash management and capital platform for startups—we’re building the future of startup finance. A future where startups can instantly access, manage, and deploy capital at the click of a button. A future where it takes minutes, not months for startups to unlock their next phase of growth. A future where startups can scale faster, on their terms, and without restrictions or dilution.

We’re reimagining startup banking from the ground up. The road to building a better banking experience is long and full of twists and turns, but I’ve never been more confident about our ability to innovate and support our customers.

In 5 years, the world will have changed. While we may not know what it will look like, I’m confident about one thing: Arc will be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with today’s banking giants.


P.S. if you have a minute, give us some support on Product Hunt!

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