Arc is Going Global—Enabling Select International Companies to Invest In U.S. Fixed Income Securities

Don Muir

Co-Founder & CEO

Our mission has always been to help startups grow, regardless of where they are located or how far along they are in their journey. Since we are U.S.-based, it made sense for us to start at home - but we always knew that supporting the next generation of builders would mean offering Arc to global companies. I’m excited to share that as of today, Arc is available to select companies worldwide, see if you're eligible.

Qualifying companies without a U.S. entity can now access Global Treasury to purchase U.S. fixed-income securities.⁵ Whereas the tools to manage idle cash available to U.S.-based startups have improved meaningfully over the past year, much of that progress hasn’t benefited founders in other countries. And yet, some of the most innovative companies are building abroad, and those same founders crave the same cutting-edge Treasury management options available to startups in the U.S. After all, we’re all in the same macroeconomic boat, and expanding access to these products further levels the playing field for non-U.S. startups.

Now, qualifying companies across the globe can diversify their funds into high-yield offshore money market funds and purchase mixed-maturity U.S. Treasury Bills that generate up to 5.3% net APY (as of 11/8/23)².

Global Treasury can provide substantial savings each year for the average venture-backed startup compared to the traditional banking stack. These returns on idle cash can be enough to make a strategic hire, invest in growth marketing initiatives, or meaningfully extend runway.

Here’s what Mert Deveci, CEO of GodMode and one of our closed beta customers, had to say about his experience: “It’s no secret that investing in U.S. fixed-income securities is of interest to startups located outside of the United States. The challenge is that before Arc there was no easy or straightforward way to do so. The legacy institutions can sometimes take months to approve a new account and days to approve a transaction. Through Arc’s partners, we can facilitate the execution of transactions with confidence, and understand the associated yield ahead of time—that experience is virtually unmatched.

This, along with the feedback from countless others, and the nearly $500M in inbound interest from startups outside the U.S. that we’ve received since introducing our closed beta, have reinforced our confidence in this new offering.

Interested startups can request an invite to determine eligibility:

- Don

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