10 Reasons Why Founders Love Financing with Arc


Nick Lombardo

Co-Founder & President

We’ve spoken with hundreds of founders this year. The vast majority are (unfortunately) accustomed to choosing between two capital raising options to fund their growth: venture capital and debt. The age-old tradeoff between ownership vs. operating flexibility. To make matters worse, both options require slow, offline, and distracting processes during the most critical part of a company’s life cycle.

Arc's capital is designed to be different.

  • Speed: Our technology platform provides a fast, consumerized user experience that reduces the headache of legacy capital raising – giving you funding in days not months.
  • Flexibility: Our automated underwriting enables us to better understand your company in real-time, so we can fund you whenever you need capital and at the best terms.
  • Ownership: We’re always your partner and never an owner. We don’t take an equity stake and we don’t require any form of control – regardless of your operating performance.

Think of Arc as founder-friendly capital. We pay you upfront for your future sales, which means we’re betting on your success and we’re with you over the long-term. We believe in you.

Curious to hear more about why founders choose Arc over traditional forms of capital?

Here are 10 reasons why. If any of these sound interesting to you, reach out to us for more information!



1. Instant funding

Arc commits to funding you within 48 hours of onboarding – a stark contrast with the weeks-to-months it takes to raise venture capital and debt.

2. Tech-Enabled

Our technology platform streamlines the user flow from onboarding through funding. After just a few clicks, you leave the rest to us.

3. No-Frills Diligence

Backend API integrations reduce the diligence process to just minutes of your time. Say goodbye to Q&A lists, management calls, and data rooms.

4. No Board Approval

While traditional fundraising events require board-level discussion, Arc's funding is not debt or equity, and is structured as a founder-friendly contract – like other SaaS products in your financial stack.


5. Broad Eligibility

Customers raise capital with Arc at all stages in their life cycle – regardless of when they last fundraised. We’re happy to sit alongside other forms of traditional equity and debt.

6. Recurring Capital

Come to Arc on a monthly basis for just-in-time financing. The recurring nature of our product ensures you get full credit for your growth each month.

7. Long-Term Partner

We won’t leave your side at the next VC round or when your debt is retired. You’re a long-term partner and we intend to scale our capital commitments as you grow.

8. No Covenants

Our sole requirement is that you stay connected to the Arc platform so we can underwrite and fund your business. We don’t require any other rights or restrictions.


9. Non-Dilutive

VCs seek 15%+ ownership. Lenders require (confusing) warrant coverage. Arc is zero-dilution; we want you to own as much of your company as possible.

10. No Board Seats

Arc leaves board seats / preferred shares to the VCs and default negotiations to the lenders. With Arc, you retain full control of your business.

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